Tuesday, March 17, 2009

How Safe Is Your Well Water

For many people living off the grid, their water supply is taken for granted, especially if it comes from a water well. With more and more ground water pollution these days, taking your water well quality for granted can be costly, it can even cost you your life.

Last year, a restaurant in Locust Grove Oklahoma was the center of National news when dozens of patrons became sick from e coli. A few people even died. The source of the contamination was eventually traced back to a water well they'd been using. This year, the State started testing other private water wells in the area and discovered more contaminated water wells.

The source of the pollution? Area farms that were spreading chicken manure on their pastures.

Of course land based pollution is not the only way your water well can become contaminated. It's been known for years that drilling activity miles away can affect the quality of your water well.

Knowing this, you should routinely have your drinking water, whether it comes from a well or not, tested. Many counties throughout the Country have Health Departments where you can pick up a water test kit. There are also many small independent testing labs scattered around that will do this. The charge is normally anywhere from $10 to $50 depending on what all you want tested. Obviously you want a Coliform and e coli test as well as many bacteria and other toxins you can get and still remain in your budget.

Don't take your drinking water for granted. If you're trying to make a run of it living off the grid, the last thing you need is a stay in the Hospital, or a trip to your own funeral. Testing water wells for contamination is quick and easy enough.